Dynamic physical therapy changed my life

Dynamic Physical Therapy has changed my life. I had a herniated disc that was bulging out, pushing on my sciatic nerve causing excruciating pain down my leg. I tried decompression (stretching your spine, not fun) at the chiropractor, which gave me some relief but I still had constant back pain. I then tried a steroid injection in my back which didn't help at all. My next stop was Dynamic Physical Therapy. One of the treatment options there was cupping. Like a lot of us, the only thing I knew about cupping was that it left circle marks, which I've only seen on the athletes in the last Olympics. But as most people in pain know, you will try anything one to get some relief. I've had cupping done five times and the results have been incredible. After just the first treatment, my pain was almost completely eliminated. I feel like my old self again with no back pain. There's a reason why athletes are doing this, it really works!