Dynamic physical therapy changed my life

Dynamic Physical Therapy has changed my life. I had a herniated disc that was bulging out, pushing on my sciatic nerve causing excruciating pain down my leg. I tried decompression (stretching your spine, not fun) at the chiropractor, which gave me some relief but I still had constant back pain. I then tried a steroid injection in my back which didn't help at all. My next stop was Dynamic Physical Therapy. One of the treatment options there was cupping. Like a lot of us, the only thing I knew about cupping was that it left circle marks, which I've only seen on the athletes in the last Olympics. But as most people in pain know, you will try anything one to get some relief. I've had cupping done five times and the results have been incredible. After just the first treatment, my pain was almost completely eliminated. I feel like my old self again with no back pain. There's a reason why athletes are doing this, it really works!

Complete healing after snowboard injury

On February 7, 2009, I experienced a compression fracture in my thoracic spine after a snowboarding injury in Keystone, CO. Although I knew I would have a long road ahead to recover, being a very athletic and active woman under the age of 30, I thought I would be back on my feet within a few months.

Unfortunately, in the summer of 2009, I was still in constant pain, and performing simple household tasks like laundry or vacuuming proved impossible. I began to think that my chronic pain would never again allow me to do the activities that I loved like hiking, running and playing volleyball and softball.

I visited 2 other physical therapists, and although I had mild improvement, I was still left with constant pain. I visited a chiropractor that told me my condition would probably continue for the rest of my life; I visited a massage therapist, whose treatment wore off within hours; I switched doctors.

After 3 MRI’s, 4 X-rays, thousands of dollars in co-pays and countless (and probably dangerous) amounts of Vicodin, Naproxen, Amrix and Flexeril, I had had enough. I researched alternative treatments including acupuncture, medicinal marijuana and even Native American spiritual healers.

On the one-year anniversary of my accident, my doctor recommended that I see Eddie Yassa at Dynamic Physical Therapy as a last-ditch effort.

I must admit that I was a bit reluctant at first. After what I had been through, I was skeptical that he could do anything to improve my condition. After only a few physical therapy sessions with Eddie, I saw marked improvement. After 2 weeks, I was pain free for days at a time. After 3 weeks, I was 100% pain (and drug) free.

I attribute Eddie’s success to a variety of factors:

  • Eddie actually took the time to listen to what was wrong and treated the cause of my pain – not the symptoms.
  • Eddie really thought about my symptoms and performed detailed hip and leg alignment measurements to determine the source of my pain.
  • Eddie developed out-of-the-box solutions including the use of shoe/heel lifts in addition to custom exercises and stretches.
  • Eddie’s use of technology including the Erchonia Therapeutic Laser was instrumental to my recovery.
  • Eddie was patient, positive and seemed genuinely happy and excited on days that I was pain free.

Eddie really went above and beyond the call of duty. He met me at the gym early one Saturday morning and developed a custom workout to strengthen my back and core muscles including aqua therapy. (A workout I still use to this day) I couldn’t imagine any of my previous physical therapists caring for me in this way.

Lastly, after dealing with an increasingly hostile insurance company, Eddie worked out an affordable payment plan with me, making his treatment and care well within my budget.

After 13 months of chronic pain, I am happy to say that I am pain free and on my way to recovery. I’m currently pursuing Yoga & Pilates. I will be competing in a 5K race in June and playing Left Field on our Softball team this summer. I cannot thank Eddie and his team at Dynamic Physical Therapy enough, and am happy to recommend them to anyone recovering from an injury or in chronic pain.

—Kristin M.

You've helped me become pain free

I am writing to say how much I appreciate my experience with physical therapy at your clinic. The entire staff is great! I was treated very well every time I came for my appointments. I was having a lot of back pain for a long time, 12 years, and then I started having knee pain too. I started coming to physical therapy at Dynamic Physical Therapy when my husband, Jim, came for his shoulder. You asked me if I was okay, if I had any pain, and when I told you what I felt like you immediately arranged with your office staff to start me on therapy. I really appreciate that. The physical therapy staff all worked with me, and kept me working to get better, but that laser and the manual therapy I received took away my back pain. I haven’t had a day without back pain until I started therapy with Dynamic. My knees are much better too, no pain. I can exercise at home again without pain. I don’t have to take pain medication at all anymore either. I’ve also lost 5 pounds and feel great!! I tell everyone I know about your clinic, and have even taken extra business cards to pass out to my friends at my bowling group. I recommend your clinic to everyone I know who has pain because of how coming to physical therapy there has helped me become pain free! Thank you so much!

—Eleonor T.

Cold laser has been a miracle for me!

I just had to write this letter to let you know how much the cold laser has done for me! I can’t begin to tell you the pain I was in before I started your treatments last August. I noticed a difference the first time, but I was skeptical because of previous treatments. I have arthritis, degenerative discs in my lower spine and sciatica, and lord knows what else, so I didn’t think it would help. Boy, was I wrong! This laser has been a miracle for me!! I have been pain free since August!! I’m telling everyone I can about this, hoping it will help them like it has me!!

—Fran W.

The more often I get therapy, the better I feel.

I am 79 years old. I have been a chronic sufferer of arthritis for quite a while. The level of pain in the joints and muscles varies daily. The rubs and heating pads do little. Prescribed meds help, but the side effects abound. Other things such as shots give temporary help.

I was introduced to therapy classes, which help lessen the pain and enable me to have a better range of motion. Especially the water aerobics that have helped the most. At first, I was skeptical because I could not swim. The exercises the instructor uses lessen the joint pain, increases upper body strength, induces weight loss and helps with my balance. The more often I get therapy, the better I feel. It’s necessary intervention for me.

—Theresa C.